Unexpected things…

My experience at stay true has been wonderful.i thought that the kids in the shelter wouldn't be that smart because i thought with being homeless and all they would miss alot of school.But then mr.saar came up with this idea to have a reading test that would decide what reading level there on,and just about everybody was on grade level or above grade level.this program has really taught me alot about certain things in the world i did'nt know.Read more

Trevor’s Place

When we went to Trevor's Place we were there for only a short amount off time. When we arrived there everybody was on the computer on pbs.org. The kids enjoyed the website with all the fun games. I sat and watched the kids play games and tried to help them if they didn't understand them. Before we got there we wrote down the rules, consequences and rewards for the kids, but to are surprise they already put it up. We stayed there for about thirty minutes because they were leaving early. My favorite…Read more


we all are kids inside and out and i think ever kids should feel loved and when we go to Trevor’s Place i try to hlep ever kid and make ever kid feel cared for:)Read more

Trevor’s Place

When we arrived at Trevor's Place we didn't have that much time to spend with the few kids that were there. The reason for this is because at school we collected books and put different stickers on them according to what type of reading level it is such as easy or hard. When we went to Trevor's Place we set up a little library with a bookshelf and put all the books on it. The kids seemed very excited about us coming and bringing books. When I was there I read a few…Read more

Trevor’s Place

Another week at Trevor's Place, another magnificent time. This week the kids were very energetic and quite a handful. Since there are six helpers that are kids three of them including mw colored with the children, and the other three gave the kids a reading test so that we know which level each kid is on. I was very glad that I got to speak to most of the kids because before it seemed like everyone was focusing on one kid, but I tried my best to get around to every kid. I'm…Read more

Another time around at travor place!

Well we went back to travor place to hang with the kids and this time around we decided to give all the kids there a reading test to what level they are on for there grade there in!well we gave it to all the kids there and they all did very well in this catergory of reading they pronounce the words very clearly and filled in the blank question which were there favoriet and like i said the did very well for the grade some of them are in like this one kid…Read more

Trevor’s Place

When I went to Trevor's place I wasn't sure what to expect. I was very nervous because I'm always nervous when I meet new people. I thought the kids there would be bad and rude and wouldn't appreciate us coming;I thought wrong. When we arrived at Trevor's Place we set up the games that we had brought from Toys R' Us. After that the kids came in and I helped one of the little boys in 4th grade finish his math homework. After that we played charades and the kids enjoyed acting different…Read more

first day at trevors place

Today was our first day at trevor place,it a place for kids to go when there moms are out looking for aa place a job or taking college course to get a good jobt to survive. the kids at trevors place were good kids and eager to do something and they all were good kids and im not going to say one kid i like better was because i liked them all and i cant wait to go back and play with the kids!Read more

Homeless in America

Well i think that it may have changed my opinion a lot because before I didn't think that a person with a lot of money would possibly end up on the streets, and it exspeacily changed my opinion on homeless people now i will think twice about the way I treat homeless people for now on.Read more

Homeless In America

I think most people treat homeless people as if they are useless. Most people look down on them and think there too lazy and just want to ask for money. A lot of people don't really realize that homeless people are just people that are going through hard times in their life. When I see a homeless person I don't look down on them because I know they are just like me and who am I to judge them? If I think the person is on drugs or drinking alcohol and the ask…Read more
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