The kids are so fun and they are so loving. I love to help them cause they like to learn and he's just a kid and he does not know how to spell his name so am helping him that.Read more

Today was awsome! I love working with younger children. They are funny,cool,and sweet. I'm so happy I'm in the stay true program. Even when I'm having a bad day I go to trevers place and the kids cheer me up.They are the sun to my rainy day. Well long story short it's the best thing all year.Read more

Trevor’s Place

Today we went to Trevor's place and I didn't recognize some of the faces so I assumed they were new. I said hi to almost everyone and I started doing work with Tah'Diyah. She had to do math work and I helped her by counting on my hands like if the problem said 5-2=? I would put up five fingers and take away two and ask her how many were left. After I finished helping her with her packet that consisted of math and spelling we just drew. At the end we gathered…Read more

The new system

We have a new system we gave them rules and guideline and made a board of all there names and when ere there each time if they are good we give them a sticker and if they didnt behave they dont get one they know for next time on what they needs to do to get one. To my opinion it going really well and they kids are getting real used to us. and i cant wait to go back!!Read more

Trevor’s Place

Today was a very fun day at Trevor's Place. When we walked in the kids were excited to see us. When I went in I spoke to the kids and then I sat down and started talking with one of the little girls. She looked upset so I asked her what was wrong and she said that she didn't want to come to the program anymore. I felt bad because I knew there was nothing I could do about the situation so I just told her that it'll be okay and I'll try…Read more


The thing that most surprised me about the kids at Trevor's Place is how dedicated they are to learning. When I first came there I thought that the kids would only want to play games or go on the computer, but that's not the case. When we ask them if they want us to read a book to them they get very excited and come in a group. Baker When I read stories the kids actually listen which is surprising because young kids often get distracted. Something that also surprised me about the…Read more