Outward Bound

When I was about to go on the trip I had mixed emotions. I was scared, happy, sad and excited. We came to school on 5-18-09 with our bags and we were ready to go. We waited in the classroom for the rest of the people to come and also for the Outward Bound instructors to come. Then when they finally arrived we went outside and put ours bags in the back of the truck. We all divided up into the two cars and drove to base which was right around the corner…Read more

5 day camping trip

On Monday we are going on the camping trip. I have mixed emotions. I'm happy because it is a new experience, but I'm also sad that I won't be seeing my family for almost a week. I'm excited to see how everything is and the challenges that I will have to overcome. I'm a little scared because I don't want anything to happen to me like a bug crawling up my ear. I hope that I come back and be proud of myself since I accomplished being in the wilderness for 5 days.Read more

The Kidz

going to see the kids is so fun they be so excited to see us and so anxious to play games with us and learn stuff from us.and before i go see them i be all tired and stuff from school but when we go see them i feel more energetic and everything.Read more


Cant help smiling, all i can think about are those pretty little faces. When i see their faces they make me smile, like the sun on a sunny day. When i see their faces i get this warm feeling in my stomach.... i guess....it HAPPINESS.Read more


I can tell this place is'nt that diffrent. I see things that I see most of the time in my world. The feeling feels good as I walk I feel a certain energy a vibe a type that I can relate to. The trees mostly dead. I can feel a breeeze although i can't see it. Time passes as we enter we're we try an help make a diffrence. It's not the same in here I feel some people feel shy, scared, and afraid to be them selfs. I can't help but see…Read more

stay true

this program was a great experiance like it was a jaw dropper, eye opener, to see this wonderful kids who how smart and they are in the sitaution that they are in. this experiance was great and i dont want it to end. sometimes i wish we would of went to trevors place like every day.In the future i hope i can see the kids all grown up!hahah!that would be fun!Read more

never ends

i wish this program would never end it inspired me to do better in ever thing i do and the kids love to learn and it feels so good helping the kids its the feeling you get when you see the smile on the kid faces cause i wish i had someone to help me when i was lil to help me with my homework and classwork cause maybe i would know mmore right now i for that reason i wanted to help themRead more


I look outside and see the beauty that is there; I watch the birds fly by, they are very rare; Red, blue, black and yellow All the flowers are lying down; they seem very mellow Chirp chirp I hear the birds say; It is such a wonderful beautiful day The orange and red and green leaves fall off the tree Buzz buzz, It's a bee The large sun is shining awfully bright; I look up in the air; a little boy is flying a kite; I stand still and look around; there are…Read more

trevors place =)

we just have went back to trevors place thursday!this time was so much fun and plus there are new kids and they are the best and very smart but there all very smart. we help with there homework and then after we read a book and the kid wanted to play sorry but i didn thow to play and the direction didnt hepl they were in spainsh but we just connect four. that day was the best day!cant wait for more fun!!Read more