What Do I Think The Kids Will Be Like

What Do I Think The Kids Will Be Like I think the kids will probably be shy at first. I would be shy if I was meeting someone new and they were going to come and teach me stuff. Hopefully, they would be nothing like the kids at Harding. Anyway, some of them might be excited that we are coming to help them with homework and stuff. Hopefully, some of them will be excited. You can only hope they will be nothing like the kids at Harding. I think the reason we are…Read more

Kids Shelter

We are doing this to help the kids with their future and also watching the kids so their parents can find jobs. I think it would be like I’m the teacher, Helping the kids would be fun. I know that it would good that I’m having fun with the kids. I hope that the kids are very friendly and nice. I hope that their parents would find jobs.Read more

Why Is What We Doing Important?

Well because I don’t know much about the kids at Trevor’s Place I will tell you to the best of my ability why I believe it is important. I believe that it is important to help the kids at Trevor’s Place because it is a lot of kids in North Philadelphia that don’t have people that can help them with homework, look over them, or even play games with so I think that the Stay True Program looking over them like mentors is important. Also because even though they have parents that care…Read more

foster care trip

Today is January 20,2010 we will be taking care of foster children today and I think its going go better then what I think but I will just find out when I’m taking care of them today .its going to feel weird cause I wont know what to do with them because I never did anything like this ever but I consider this to be an adventure for me so I’ll just take it one step at a time like a babyRead more

Good Deeds!

Stay True When I use to live in a shelter. I was trying to overcome me living there trying to help out the kids that live there. Cause I really didn’t want nobody to feel bad for me cause I knew I can make it out that place without nobody feeling bad for me or feeling guilty. And when I live there I learned a lot cause kids that was there mostly live there all there childhood life and never really had nothing nice they always had messed cloths to wear and I…Read more

tweetys stay true essay

Hi, my name is Mykia China. A problem in my community that I want to change is the violence and the drugs. T he reason why I want to change that is because theirs is a lot of violence in our community and every day someone is getting killed, raped, murdered, and others things. It just not right how people are getting killed over stupid things and for no reasons. People can’t even walk down the street with out getting killed. It doesn’t make any since people need to make up their mind…Read more

Stay True to Your Community

The one problem in my community I would like to change is I would like to get all of the homeless people off the street and provide housing for them so that they have a place they can call home. I will make sure I have somewhere for them to work so that they could buy good clothes and furniture. I picked that problem because I see too many homeless people on the street ,at the bus stop and down the subways. There are too many people standing in front of the fast…Read more

cities stay clean

stay true there’s a problem with trash and abandoned houses. I really want that to change. I wish that most people would help me to clean the blocks and tell people to keep it clean. I don’t like it how I go outside and see that my block is dirty. When it’s clean it makes me feel like the block is colorful. It makes me feel comfortable and happy to see that the blocks are clean. To make it different I will create a group and start community serves and have more trashcans…Read more

Stay True Essay

Stay True Essay There are a lot of things in my community I would like to change such as the violence or the hatred but I have to start with something smaller. I would like to clean up my neighborhood and make it look a little better. I believe that if we could just clean up our community or just strive to make our community appear clean it might actually get there. But if we don’t try we’ll never know how much of a change we can really make. But I would like…Read more

A time that i was so commitment

A time that I was so commitment was when I had to clean the park across the street from my house. The name of the park is moss.a.a. We clean the park because we play their and why would we leave the park the way it was. We saw all this chips bage on the ground and people smoking they was smoking in font of kids that was playing around in the park. I felt so good clean the the park To no that no kids was going to slip on chip bage…Read more
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