My First Day

My first day was fun. We had to read to them or they would read to us or color with them. Those kids are so funny and sweet. Those kids just made me want to take them home with me. But in was this one little girl that who was being really mean to me but Mr. Saar told me to put them in their place so I did. But over all I had so much fun with those kids.Read more

what would i like to teach the kids

i will like to teach the kids how to do math so they can be good in math and know how to do something and if one of they friends they can help them that what i want to teach the kids.Read more

my report

when we went to the shelter we saw all the kids finishing there homework for the day . Next we pick a little boy or girl to read too . after the reading was over thank god .We started to have some fun by playing games and thing. Then thing got crazy kids run around kids hitting other kids and hitting us. Then I was happy that we were going home .Read more


I would like to spread the knowledge that i have of cooking with the children. For instance a very edible side dish that will go good with chips. To make it first you have to have A pound of ground beef, Spaghetti sauce about one can and velvetta cheese. First you brown the meat in a pan or pot which ever one you prefer. Once you have done that you add the sauce in then chop the cheese up and add the cheese. Stir until cheese melts. once the cheese melts just get…Read more

the kidz

Today were gonna find something to control the kids and hype them down so Im gonna look for a puzzle or a board game to sit down and play to calm down, something to have fun with but be educated to not just funRead more

The Most Recent Day At Trevor’s Place……..

Well on the most recent day at Trevor's Place i think went well but it could have been better.I had a lot of fun interacting with the kids. From my point of view i believe that everyone had fun. The things we did at Trevor's Place with the kids were like when we got there they were already working on homework so we help them finish that off. After that we just kind of chilled and played games. Even though there were a couple of kids that got a little out of hand…Read more

Trevor’s Place

The first time we went to Trevor's Place, I was kind of scared. First off, I couldn't remember any of their names. Plus, they looked like they didn't want to see us at all. And, after I started reading to one of them, they looked really bored and tired. Like he wished I wasn't there. So, then we started coloring and they started getting more upbeat and happy. The one girl that I hung out with the most was Samiya. She was so cute! She was so happy and ready to play around.…Read more

super kids

the kids in the shelter are really active some are wild and some are shy. me helping the kids makes me feel like an adult or teacher. these kids are like a life to me. and they are the SUPER KIDS!!Read more