my mind

A difficult day trying to help kids do better in school but no one want help. They want to do what they want to do. So what can I do about it but live with itRead more

stay true

one thing that i see a change in is the kids are learning more and reading words more fluency. when we gave the kids the test i was amaze that some of the kids scored above there level.and one thing that is difficult is that some kids doesnt like doing work and playing around. but i am happy bto see the kids improving in themselvesRead more

What was difficult and good about working with the kids? How have they changed? What was it like giving the test?

One of the most difficult thing about working with the kids was they most defininently hate doing work after they just finished doing their homework. So, when we come they are just finishing up their homework and don't want to do anything. So we have to bribe them with things like stickers and games after they are finished. One thing that is good about them is, once they have started they don't want to stop working. Well, at least in my case. Like when we start, doesn't want to stop. Giving the test…Read more

describe how you can or have used one of these leadership skills at Trevor’s Place?

Well some ways i can used these LEADERSHIP SKILLS  is I can start to encourage  the kids more  like especially  DEVONTE by being honest with them.I can also  just let the kids there know when it is time to play & when it's not time to play by being completely responsible with my given responsibilities such as being respectful while being in charge. Lastly i can be really generous. Like when they mess up on something we are working on just let them know that it's o.k and they will do much better next time…Read more

Trevor’s Palace

One leadership skill that I use at Trevor’s Palace is bravery because when I first went to the shelter I was scared because I didn’t know what to do. But I got use to it and really started to like it and I really am not brave to try or do something new. So that’s one leadership skill that I used at Trevor’s Palace is bravery.Read more


How can I become a better person? I can become a better person by having more charisma. Charisma means like you are out going, good with making friends, and talking to people. I think if I build more charisma I think I will be better with people. I am a very shy person I don’t like to be in the spotlight so I will say im not a leader and to be a leader I need charisma to be a leader.Read more

leadership skills

today we talked about being a leader and what we do if we were .I felt like i've always been a leader and will never be a follower because I'm a person who does not like to take orders i'd rather give orders .thats just me and who i always will beRead more

describe how you can or have used one of these leadership skills at Trevor’s Place?

Well, so far I have been very caring. I have really been caring to her and showed interest. I try really hard to get her to do her work and pay attention. I guess, I have been kind of intelligent too. By the way I handle things with her. I use certain strategies to get her going. I sometimes use this guilt thing where I tell her she will make me feel bad if she doesn't live up to her standards. I also have told her I can down grade her to her…Read more


my best leadership skill is trustworthiness because all my friend trust me with there secret all the time and because I ever turn my back on my friend and family.Read more


the way i showed leadership in trevor 's place was when i helped a kid in math. he had alot of trouble on adding numbers. If i was not there to help him ,he would of had alot of trouble in the school tests.Read more
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