my book

i want 2 stop abuse and i have a book about abuseRead more

trevors place

i learned that those kids in trevors place are very talented and smart. and i mostly want to share with them atime when i was in pre- schoolRead more

The magic garden

We went to the magic garden on thursday and it was so cool. When we first got there i was saying what is this but after we took the tour i understood the time, and value of the art and i started to really like it. After we had the tour we sat down and talked to the artist Isaiah Zagar about his art. I think that was the most fun trip i have ever had.Read more

My day at magic garden

Today was a fun and great artist day. We took a tour around the garden and then we met mr.isah.We were asking him a lot of questions and he was really funny.I think that everyone in the world should look at his work and admire it and try to be like him one day.At first I didn`t like art but I think its pretty nice.Read more

Helping the children

We are trying to help the children at Trevors place and so far its working but we'll still need time to help them with other things and get them to respect each other. But the progress we have made are they are working on the story packets we give them and when thier done they have a choice to go outside an play or they can do another packet and theyll get a sicker. When they get their sickers we save them to the end of the week and who every has the…Read more

My day at Trever`s Place

The chidren was almost well behaved when we walked in their they were sitting down and being quite.We were giving the kids money that way they can buy toys and other things and it can teach them how to use theirn money and know how much change they get back.It was fun.Read more

My First Day In Stay True

I have had so many great things that have happened to me working in stay true. The first adventure i have had working in stay true is that i had made great friends such as brianna garcia, diana, jillery,andera,shamary,hakeem, emanuel, and aaliyah. They are good friends and they make me smile laugh and dont make me mad...... well most of the time :) . The first day i started working for stay true it was suprising because the first day we went to a fancy restaurant. It was amazing the way it looked the way the…Read more

the past week

this past week working with the kids at trevors place have not been behaving that well and i dont like it. i mean we treat them nice and at the end of the week we give them prizes for being good and they dont care.i am so done with those kidz!!!!!!! from:shamari mills <3Read more

So Far In stay true :

So far in stay true we've been going to trevers place we've been helping them out with the kids, but i been thinking about trevers place alot because i love working with those kids its just there just to disrepectful. Most of those kids dont kno disaplin and some of those kidss do they just dont want to lisen. The One thing i dont like the most from most the kids is that they hit the kids that try to help them. I get that their kids but when i was a kids…Read more

My experience in stay true

Stay true to me has really been a big differnce in my life. From stay true i have learned to give to others before i give to me. This means i will give my time to help people who need my time. Stay true tought me this from all we have done so far from cleaning parks to help young kids learn. These experience will help me in my daily life to help others in need of my time.Read more