Thank God For Maricles:

I know im very late on posting this i just haven't been on. But i do know i want everyone to know how i felt when i first heard about the accident. I got a call from Alithyia ( sorry dont know how to spell her name) that same night it happened it was late but i was happy she called cause i thought she wanted me to do more work. Then i heard her voice didn't sound excited or preppy like she normally is because we are doing a mural. So i asked "…Read more

Final project pt. 2

We have about three possible walls to paint the mural on. I liked the wall on 5th and Leigh because the guy is willing to pay for the skiffle if we put a dedication for him on the mural.Read more


Today we finally finished the ruff draft of the mural. Its a beautiful mural. Can't wait to paint it.Read more

My day at the youth comittee

My day at youth comittee was fun we played two games then we ate then we went to a meeting to try to help and inform other people about mental health.That was my day.Read more


yesterday we went some were and it was fun because we ate some good stuff and we played some fun games with the youth program i hope we go back and that food was good...Read more

Youth M.O.V.E of Philadelphia

The youth m.o.v.e is an organization that do presentations to help give awarness to other people. The day we went to meet them was a fantastic day. We had fun telling each other on what we do for our programs and how we help our communitys. We played games at first then ate. mmmmmm it was good food lol :)......... Then after that we went to a training that was for the y5outh m.o.v.e and they did a power point disscusing about resilience. It stated how a person can be resilient... which the…Read more


So yesterday we went to the YOUTH comittee and they were all about resiliencies.Resilience is the ability to ''bounce back''or to recovery from hard times. I think its really good that there teaching resiliencies because some people have prombles in life an insted of taking it out on other people or always getting in trouble they have some were to go and get help.Read more

M.O.V.E Philadelphia

Yesterday was a great day and i liked it. We got to meet move Philadelphia move means : Motivating Others to Voice There Experiences. They spoke to us a little about what there group/program is about. After they spoke to us they asked about stay true. Our good friend Diona spoke for all of stay-true telling them about us and what we do for our community and why we do it. Then we all went around and asked us specifically what is your name, age, school you go to, one of our strengths…Read more

My experience with youth philadelphia camp

Bacically while I was communicating with the other camp, they had a very great example of what their camp was about but, us on the other hand really did not think about what we were going to say but when it was our turn to explain we all had great explanations about our camp. That was great cause it made me stop panicking. Also we got to play games with them them involved alot of thinking and energy what was fun. After that they greeted us with a lunch from chick-fa-la, which was…Read more

Money for stay-true

I like to go out to funrae for stay-true to get money and i like to do that monday to school start.Read more