Questions of the day???…

If you were to walk out of a store and a lady asked you to sign her petition... You ask her whats it for and she tells you its so the city can stop construction for building a new mall with a movie complex and stores in it but the problem is its going to cause more traffic and crowds around the area... Which would you choose the petition to stop the construction or tell her " no its okay I think it'll be cool if there's a movie theater near by. "…Read more

Greens Grow Farm

Today was A Day we went to a farm we learn about planets and how they grow. We Learn about bug and we saw a lot of insects bees,ladybugs, and a others There was a Pig name Milkshake and two turtles , and fish . it was fun looking around and seeing new things .Read more

Learning Everyday .

Going to Greens Grove Farm was a good way to learn how people in the community make fresh vegetables.We met David who worked there . He showed us different plants & vegetable and how they use their land to farm. I learn that there are many ways to make fresh vegetables .It was a fun experience and also educational . Everyday is a fun day with stay true :)Read more


Today we went to Greens Grow and talk to David. He told us how his farm started and the history of it.Read more

Greens grow: The Urban Farm

It was fun at the urban farm today. Although I hate bugs and it was really hot, everything was pretty nice. The farm makes everything naturally and they even have a pig named Milkshake, chickens, tadpoles, a prey mantis, and honeybees and I can never forget the cute little duck they had too. We took a lot of pictures like some people say, to capture the moment. I hope that we can go back there someday, it was the best (and only) farm I've ever been to.Read more

Greens Grow

Greens grow is like a farm it has plants animals and insects. They make honey fresh from the bee hive they also have a pig chickens turtles and a duckRead more

The green's grow farm was a great experience and the best part of the trip was playing with the praying mantis.Read more

green grow farm

it was interesting and wired. i want to know how to farm. i can get fresh food every day.Read more

” No man is an Island “

No man is a because has got a friend and his family and his pets if he needs help he can ask his friends. Even if a person has no friends or family they is not a island because if they help people they are an impact if do not helf friends or family there still people who will help me .no man is an islandRead more