The Photo Studio

It was so amazing yesterday at the Photo Studio because after we got to look at our photos and all, we took some pictures in a little studio with a real white background and a real nice camera. It was great because all of the pictures came out crisp and clear. It made me feel like we were all models getting our pictures taken for a magazine. I hope we can do something like that again. It was super fun! Read more

yesterday PHILADELPHIA   photo you like my stay true cars Read more


In this photo me and James posing in front of a lime green mustang it was a great time coming from Philadelphia photo studio.  Read more

oooo that felt good. lets do it again. lol!!!        Read more

Our Way Home

We are ready , to leave home from the photo studio , we had fun . We had fun taking funny and weird photos we also was taking in the van . : )  Read more

Pictures on the way home from a long day !!!

We decided to take a bunch of photos on the way home!!! We had fun going to philly photo studios :D!!!! We got to take pro pics lol .... I thought it was cool that for us not being real photographers we had potential in the photos we took :) !!!! I Can't wait till our own gallery walk (!?) Hope everyone can come :D    Read more


We had to clean the whole pspca and we got to feed dogsRead more

the final project

i wonder what the streets going to look like. i want to work on the final project on the trash designs. can't wait. leggo!!!Read more