Im no longer with stay-true ..... I sorry ,, but i'll miss everyone :)Read more

Nervous >.<

Omg ...! Omg ...! Omg  ...!Gallery Show Tonight (O8-28-2O12)! I'm So Nervous I'm Doing a Speech And I'm Not really good With Crowds So Yeah ! I Invited a Bunch of people I care about A lot of them said they coming so I'm a little hype :D !   I Hope Everyone Likes My Speech .... Ahhhhh ..... Help ! >.<   -I'm going to blog about it tmr so see yeah :D ! -Read more

Stay True Student Gallery Show

What: Stay True Student Gallery Show @ PPS When: August 28th, 6pm to 9pm Where: Philly Photo Studio; 2424 E York Street #326 Admission: Free; donations to Stay True are welcome For more information: more

Random –

This post is not only for today but from yesterday .... So far the beginning of this week is just crazy .... I know i haven't been well but I'm still trying not to cry.... But its doesn't bother me as much because if you were to think about it .... More people around the world been through worst .... But even though a lot of people go through stuff i think no should go through it alone... Its sad to feel that you have a lot of people by your side but…Read more

A lot of work

Today we are going to Philly Photo Studios to get ready for a photo show and we still have to get the cloth for the mural.Read more

Final project

There is two different things we have to do we have to get permisson to decorate dumpsters and we have to get trash can on the corner of the streetRead more

The Final Project

So for the final project, I guess we're sort of going to paint dumpsters and maybe try to promote using trash cans with a catch phrase that catches peoples attention and while we're at it, get our faces on a billboard...I'm not exactly sure which one but hopefully we can decide soon so that we can get straight to work. And hopefully we get it done before the start of the school year because I don't want to worry about both my homework and the project so hopefully that'll work out too. =)Read more

The Camping Trip

We went camping for 3 night , It was hard knowing we had to new things but i got threw it , but it was also fun because we did a lot of and activity's and we saw a bear ,butterfly, chipmunks waterfall , lake , frogs , nd other cool things . It was hard to camp with then rain cause we had to keep the fire going and we had to make food for everyone and wash the dishes . Over all i really did had a good time even though…Read more

First day back

Today stay-true came back from their three day camping trip and we talked about final projects. So far we have come up with billboards, dumpsters, beautification that involves trashcans and last years mural.Read more

One Week Off

I did not get to go on the camping trip but i did see lots of pictures it looked like a lot of funRead more