Good times

Wesley Reyes Stay True So far the past couple of weeks at Stay True have been a blast. Personally, my favorite part has been going to the PSPCA. We've done stuff like cleaning blankets and bowls, and folding blankets and cat litter boxes, but my favorite part has been playing with the animals. Seeing them free from there cages makes you feel like you're giving them freedom and hope.Read more

July 17,2013 to July 24,2013 in Stay True

I made two friends in Stay True. Their named is Khashiah and Sharde. They both are very funny people. Last week, we went to Blessed Sarnelli. I was sitting and try to the people there. Then, the elder woman sit next to me and I ask how her day was going. Then,She stared talk about how she was her day. Then, she told me about her life thing like She raised by nuns and she was married twice. We talk about a hour.I almost don't talk but she was happy talk about her.I…Read more

July 24th, 2013

For thepatsy few weeks we've been helping out at the PSPCA and Philabundance and BSC and etc. We also play with the kids at the play streets, but We havnt been there in a while. I miss playing with the kids. We gave water ice to homeless poor etc people. It made me feel good about myself thst i was able to help and talk to people lile that. Taday July 24th we went to the PSPCA again. We cleaned windows played with the cats and dogs and it was really awesome. The…Read more

Things I’m hype about !

I'm hype about going to Blessed Seranelli Friday & having that big cookout for the people there. Also I'm hype about going on the camping trip. This will be the first time that I will be doing that. So I wonder how that's going to be. I'm alway looking forward to coming to Stay True each day . I'm really hype about play streets, but we haven't down it in a while :( . I love playing with the kids. It gives them a positive thing to do durning the day. I will…Read more

Another day at Stay True

On Friday we went to Blessed Sarnelli. We served water ice and water to the people who came in. We also played games with them. We took turns doing different jobs at Blessed Sarnelli. I 1st started passing water out then i went to greet the people as they came in. Today we went to the PSPCA. We where broken up into 3 groups and each group did a different task. The group that I was in we cleaned the dog pools and refilled the water containers. then we went into the kitchen…Read more

New Friends

Since Stay True started, I have made new friends . All the other nine kids here are wonderful people. Some of them i knew already but the new friends like "Daniel" and "cassie" are really cool . Almost every week we meet new people like "Ray" and "Steve" at the PSPCA. Meeting new people is great but meeting new people that are awesome is even better.Read more

July 24, 2013.

Today is the first day of Stay True for this week because we got off yesterday. Earlier today, we all went to the SPCA  and I had shotgun on the way back to the office. I am so thankful for Sam because she makes all my SPCA visits ten times more delightful because we can relatw on a lot of topics. I seriously can't wait to go back to Blessed Sarnelli this week for the BBQ. We get to prepare amd cook them a meal.Read more

The Journey Of Being In Stay True So Far

Sharde Miller 07-02-13 2:30 pm The Journey Of Being In Stay True So Far The Reason I Joined Stay True Is Because During The Presentation I Was Notified That We Were Going To Be Helping And Feeding People In Need And Children. So Far In Stay True We Have Been To The PSPCA Helping And Feeding The Animals. I Feel That We Are Being A Big Help Towards The Animals. My Favorite Thing That We Did Or Do At The PSPCA, Is Making The Dog Treats. I Liked This Because I Want To…Read more

June 25 to July 12,2013 in Stay True

I am loving being in stay true because I can  help many people and animals. I learn to help and love people who need help. I feel that i am doing something bigger than me. The part I like the most was help animals in SPCA because I have never had a pet. I also like helping  in  cradles to crayons.   I like that we do different  things everyday and everyone has different points of view. I like that  we take photos for different points of view and it is fun to…Read more

Impact Service

On July 3rd, the Stay True program had plans to volunteer for the SPCA and Impact Service. Phillip said that the people that went last time had to stay and help Alithea paint. So I had to stay with Wesley, Selena, Daniel, and Kacey, while everyone else went to the SPCA. It was starting to be fun, when , two people who shall remain nameless, became lazy and left the rest to do the work. The Mural came out okay, if you ask me, but I really couldn’t wait to work with service…Read more
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