Camping (:

Friday is our camping trip and I'm so excited about it . Well , considering that we get a whole weekend to try and do new things and go out in the wilderness and stuff . I really wanted us to just drop everything and go to the WILD but I guess that " unsafe " so it's not an option . But I'm still excited about the things I will see while we're camping . I look forward to Friday :)Read more

camping !

The caming trip is four days away ,and i can not wait untill we go . Hilary ; phills friend has been coming and helping us out. She's nice and she is also coming on the caming trip with us ,along with Music John , Larry , and phills other friend. I can't wait !! :)Read more

Connecting with nature

So on the weekend we are going to go camping for 4 days. The only type of camping that I ever did was on my aunts deck with my cousin. I still had out laptop with me outside but this time I won't have any type of electronic with me. I'm really excited about going but the only thing is that I don't know if I will be able to got 4 days without music. Other than that I'm really looking forward to go camping. =DRead more

Dogs and Art

SO one day we went to the PSPCA and took some the the dogs to Penn Hospital. We took 4 dogs with us. The names of the dogs that I remember that we brought where Yancha, Houdini and i forgot the rest. When we took them to the hospital every staff member who walked into the room picked up all the dogs and played with them. I herd some of the staff say that they where going to adopt the dogs that we brought. On Friday we went to Isaiah's magic garden. Isaiah…Read more


Today we were discussing the final project. I'm so excited about it, especially if we do decide to do what we've been talking about. Its been hard trying to find the prices of all the machines and calling all the businesses but its worth it.Read more

Mural Work

So, we're pretty much done the mural. Soon its going to be up on the Rite Aid wall and the whole city will be able to see it. Its exciting! I cant wait until its up and everyone gets to see it. Its almost nerve wrecking. In a good way. My mom keeps saying how proud she is of me for being involved in Stay True and not quitting. I never quit. Back to the mural, its going really well and its nearly done. As soon as its finished, I dont really know…Read more

final project

Wesley Reyes Stay True We finally have an idea for our final project. We plan on running a little carnival. We plan on doing it in McPherson square. We plan on having horses, popcorn, cotton candy, a bounce house, dunk tank, and more. I hope the kids like what we're doing because it's all for them. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces. Everything we're doing is for them.Read more

so far

It has been going great . We are planning our final project , its going to be a fun final project but also hard . Brianna from previous Stay True groups came to help out with our program , and she has been coming everyday ; she is really cool . Honestly I can not wait until we finish this final project .Read more

Last Tuesday, July 30, we went to the PSPCA and we picked out a couple of cats and dogs. I fell in love with the most beautiful baby pit ever. His name was Houdini, he is black and white, and he loves to give kisses. Shardee had his sister, Rachel. She is all black, but she's beautiful too. Daniel had a little chihuahua named Yancha. And Briana had Lulu, she's chihuahua mixed with a mystery animal. Then we all got in the van and went to Penn University. There was an event introducing…Read more