what a blast

The camping trip was a blast. It was different from last year, but i liked it better. Before we got to the camp site, we went hiking. The hike was nice, then after we ate lunch. I didn't like setting up the tents, such a struggle. I think this year during our camping trip we learned a lot about each other. We finally got to see the stars we wasn't so quiet while other wanted silence. I love being at the bolder field with all the rocks. The hike to the waterfall is…Read more

Camping Out

On the camping trip with Stay True was amazing. When we first got there we set up the tents. Then when we got one we made lunch and went to the lake we all got into the lake then some of use went to go play valley ball.  The next day we went to the bolder field and walked over rocks.  Then when we got across then we went hiking  to the water fall to jump off when we got their the first one to jump off was Johnathan  and he had to…Read more

Camping Experience

Camping was nothing close to what I expected it would be. It was actually amazing and filled with experiences I will never forget it was truly amazing. Even though there were a lot of bumps and we wanted to just stop and never walk again we somehow managed to pull it together. Even when Joshathan got hurt and everyone was nervous and scared and didn't know what to do we sucked it up and kept going for him. I learned that we sometimes have to make compromises and do the job even when…Read more

First time Camping?

The camping trip with Stay True was truly a amazing first time experience. Myself personally I've never been camping I've always thought about it but, have been a little sceptical at times. Stay True really ushered me into going out of my comfort zone. This trip really took our group away from our everyday life of cell phones, computers, tv's and much more. In my final thoughts the Stay True camping trip was truly a fantastic experience for myself and I'm guessing the rest of our group.Read more

Camp Fun

On Stay true's camping trip I had an awesome time. First we went to a lake and swam around. We also went to the boulder feild, hiked, and went to a waterfall. After that we watched the sunset and took amazing pictures. Finally we went orientiring and disc golfing. honestly the camping trip was a great experience for me and was really fun.Read more

Looking Back

     Our camping trip was so much fun. My favorite part will always be playing Disc Golf because I was able to watch how far I can throw the discs. It was really great to see all of the younger kid's reactions to their new experiences. I'm almost certain that they would all do it again next year. I know Jonathan in particular loved everything about it. It's important for us to try new things because I never had the chance to do half of the things we have done, like camping,…Read more


Last week  Stay True and I went camping and we had a blast.     We did lots of things like Hiking, Disc Golf, went to the Lake, and  we went to the Boulder Field.  What I liked the most was the Boulder Field. The boulder Field  is a big field that is covered with big & small rocks.  The way that they got there was over time by  Glaciers. Also I liked the Lake because it was a place that we could chill and swim and also there was a volley ball net that…Read more

Going Camping

I am a little excited to go on  the camping trip.  One  thing I am excited about is , jumping off the water fall because I am scared of high places.  Another thing is ,  I am not looking forward to seeing bugs that's my biggest fear of all times.  Like they will know if i will see a bug because I will start to gasp.  The last thing I am looking forward to doing,  is putting the tent up its going to take a wail to put it up but we can…Read more

An outdoor experience with Stay True

    So as you may know we are going on an exciting camping trip next week. During this camping trip we will be learning many things such as making a fire, hiking, and etc. We will be staying with each other but in different tents near each other. I'm really excited because of the things we will experience and do together as a group. I heard as we are hiking we will go in a boulder field and see a wonderful view. We also talked about watching the sunset together while eating…Read more

Camping Trip

    We at Stay True are going camping for  3 days and I'm beyond happy . This is my first time going camp and what  I think is going to be there when we go . The first thing is the tent  that we are going to be sleeping in also I think there will a lake that we might be going  swimming in and I just can't wait for that because I like to swim. We are going to be hiking for 4 hours I'm happy  for that but, I know…Read more
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