The Past Weeks

What we were with doing with Stay True for the past weeks. We was talking about are finally project and what we are doing for are finally the project is we are clean a park that is call Scanlon  Park . The basket ball courts need to be clean  and repainted  also the playground need paint on there . So what we was doing last week was we was pulling weeds and putting down concrete around the court and we was getting real dirty . Today we are painting the office wall a…Read more

A day you will never forget

For our finally project, we was looking for a park that really need help.  Then, the park that we chose was Scanlon park so what we was doing so far was picking weeds , picking up trash, fixing the on a rainy day we decided to pain the wall lime green.    And our special guest is Phillip's mother.  Our goals tomorrow is to  pulling the weeds out on the playground , putting more concrete in, and next week we start painting. I am really excited to see how the park looks…Read more

Park Restoration

For our final project, Stay True decided to restore Scanlon park back to its former glory. We are aiming for complete restoration. The basketball courts are going to be completely redone. All the park equipment and benches will be repainted. All of the graffiti is going to be cleaned up. The park will not be recognizable. I get excited just by talking about it! hopefully, the people who lives near the park will help preserve its beauty. Everyone will be updated about the progress.Read more

The Dirty Days

Lately, in Stay True we have been working on our final project. For the last couple of weeks Stay True has taken on the task of cleaning and repairing Scanlon park. Scanlon is a local park in Philadelphia that needed our help. We decided to aspire a new accomplishment. Not only have we been working really hard, but we have been putting in a lot of effort to make this park brand new.  It has taken up a lot of time, but soon it'll be over. Don't get me wrong it has been…Read more

Helping Out

Our final project is cleaning up a park. For pass two weeks i learned how to put down cement and pull up weeds while using round up. By the way we didn't know how to put down the cement or use round up. The first day we went to the park we were pulling up weeds that was on the basketball court and around the basket ball court. Anna's mom and dad came to help and they knew how to use the round up and pull up the weeds with the tools we…Read more


As of lately Stay True has been doing big things. We haven't been posted but, it's because we've been so busy. Stay True is working  very hard at a new accomplishment. It's taking us quite a bit of time and a considerable amount of money ,but it's all worth it.   Stay True is currently working at a local park in Philadelphia. The owner has been very helpful and cooperative in our weekly efforts to clean,cement,and fix up things around the park. The park is called Scanlon and it's very large and many kids…Read more