Beauty in Life

We just came back from camping at the Poconos and it was really fun. The first day we just swam in the lake. We came back from the lake to our camping site and we all ate. Afterward me and the other folks went to see the stars at a place called the amphitheater. I decided to write this because I have never seen so many stars in my life. seeing so many stars at once made me realized that there is actual beauty in life.Read more

“Keep moving .. toward the light”

So far in Stay True, we visited several hunger relief organizations, visited the Royal Gardens and kept it beautiful, we visited organizations specializing in helping children. And lastly, we visited amazing gardens, grounds and studios just as a trip for us Stay True members. That is a lot...lots of stress for our coordinators, Phil and Christa. They work exceptionally hard for us teens in Stay True so that we understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Personally, I have been struggling with challenges in my life, at home, in my…Read more

Helping out !

At Blessed Sarnelli I  learned how to help people and give food to the homeless people. It made me feel good.    Read more

Back to Back

I must say the last few weeks for Stay True has been a long journey. Going camping at Hickory Run State Park was as good as it gets when your out of the city. This was my second time going on this trip and the first time was amazing so my expectations were beyond high. The trip was really something, on only our second day, Stay True was making moves doing an 8 mile hike. We were visited by our friend Kris from Philly Photo Studios. He only stayed a day but it…Read more

An Adventure at the Royal Garden.

This is my first year at Stay True. So far I'm enjoying every moment of it. Phillip and Christa are awesome and so are the members. Today we went to the Royal Gardens, where Mrs. Nicole, the Water Department of Philadelphia, and a bunch of other groups were waiting for us. There was a pile of chopped down trees and branches and our mission for today was to get as many branches and trees into the wood chipper. For safety purposes we didn't actually put the trees into the wood chipper. It was…Read more

The Trip With The Family

I had a really great time with Stay True on the camping trip that we took last week. Having the chance to go camping a second time with Stay True was just amazing. I can really say that we had a great time together, as always, but I can really say that this trip brought us together a lot. Things that we did together for example were cooking, making fires, hiking, swimming, watching stars, etc. The stars were the best part of the trip to me because we had time to stay still…Read more

As of Now

Going on the camping trip for a second time was even more interesting then the first time. The experience in itself was great, but the hiking was a whole different story. In my opinion the hiking was just way too long, and I know for a fact I'm not the only one that felt this way by the end. All in all we learned key lessons, and it always becomes a way of seeing who can handle certain situations. Its an amazing learning experience that no one should miss out on. For instance,…Read more

A Learning Experience

Last week was the camping trip and it was a learning experience. I had a big role to play and it wasn't an easy task. My role was to make sure everyone was doing their assigned job and to help out when needed. The first day we got there was pretty much a chill day after setting up camp. But the second day was the hardest, we had to hike 8 1/2 miles that was suppose to take 6 hours, but only took 4 hours. There was a big surprise that was waiting…Read more


We are about half way into the program and we have done so much! We went to Chosen 300 which is a mission that serves the people in the communities. We met a lot of nice people. It was cool that we got to serve them. Also, the food was good. Moreover, we went to Grounds for Sculpture and there were so many lovely sculptures. The peacocks were so funny looking. Also, recently we went to the Poconos for four days and three nights. It was incredible! We went on a hike that…Read more

Camping Adventure

We recently came back from our annual camping trip. We swam, played Disc Golf, and did so much hiking. My favorite part was seeing and standing above a beautiful waterfall. This camping trip was a little more challenging because Khashiah and I were given the task of getting the daily chores done without doing them ourselves. We had to motivate the students into doing things like preparing the meals and cleaning dishes through positive energy and encouragement. I think we did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I learned…Read more
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