With time, that structure will grow.

On June 22, 2015, I started the Stay True program. Two weeks later I wrote a post about my experience so far. As for my reason for joining Stay True, was to help boost my self-worth. The idea was that if I join a group where you help other people, that I will feel needed. I will feel like the work I am doing, is appreciated and not shamed. Throughout the beginning of the summer, and a little toward the middle - yes, this idea was going smoothly. From this I expected to…Read more

Final Thoughts

Over the summer I enjoyed helping people. I learned a lot from the different places we went to. All the hard work we were doing I still managed to have fun. The program  met my expectations.  Read more

An eye opening summer

I didn't have many expectations this summer, I usually don't do much. When I joined Stay True this year I expected we would do lots of wonderful things. And as I expected, we did. Not only did Stay True expose me to new and better things, it helped me grow and become a better person. I'm grateful that I was able to be apart of Stay True this year and meet all these wonderful people. I ENJOYED EVERYTHING WE DID!!!! We went to places like Chosen 300 and Philabundance where they provide food…Read more

Fading away

Well this summer of Stay True is fading away. Slowly but surely passing us. It's truly been an amazing year with all the new faces and places. Coming into the year I was a little eager but still contented with meeting the new people and I'll say I'm glad I did because they really were an amazing bunch. I loved getting to know a little bit on everyone and working with the crew. As for the summer itself we've accomplished and reached so many mile stones. The group has worked at Chosen 300,…Read more

First to Last

This has been a great journey with Stay True 2015 and its coming to an end. I expected so much out of this group and they lived up to my expectations. Like I said in my first blog I'm an intern and it was hard sometimes when things got rough but I had awesome leaders like Phil & Christa & even Wesley of course. I can't forget about him. But I had a fantastic summer, I can tell people I've been to so many places and experienced so many things. I don't want…Read more

Stay True is Family

My expectation at the beginning of this program were honesty, kindness, gratitude and the things I expected came out the way I wanted it to be. This program has helped me improve a lot in the past weeks. Stay True helped me change into a better person and I never thought I was going to change. Now because of this program I am a different person. This program made me think that there is beauty in life, and that if you believe in yourself  you will create a better person and I couldn't…Read more

The ending to a new beginning

To think that another summer has passed by. It was filled with laughs and unforgettable moments. As always camping was my favorite part, but a couple other things made it pretty epic. I got to do things like go canoeing, and go to museums, and places I didn't even know about. Just like last summer we enjoyed volunteering, and creating close bonds with each other. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect going into this summer, but it was better than I imagined. Even through all the little rough patches, and moments where…Read more

best summer ever

I believe this summer program has met all of my expectations. I became more of an explorer and became more focused on the outside world. We volunteered at many facilities. For example, we helped out at Blessed Sarnelli and it was pretty cool if you ask me. Also, we went to Chosen 300 and those people were very welcoming. Furthermore, the food was great. Some other places I absolutely loved were the Royal Gardens and Philabundance. Those places were full of enjoyment and fun activities. The field trips were awesome as well. We…Read more

End of Summer Reflection

    I am officially near the end of my third year in Stay True. It was definitely different than I expected it to be. I did not expect to have to take so much responsibility. It made me feel like I am growing up and making progress in this world. Other than that, the program pretty much felt the same. I have been working with Stay True so long that helping others just feels natural. I just wish the world could be like this, and I wish more people would have compassion…Read more


So far, I decided to focus my idea on making the children's health facility in Germantown more beautiful to enlighten the children's hopes. I am still doing research but I believe we can make a difference in the facility and the kids in it. However, my plans are to hang posters, paint walls, and put area rugs down, so the kids will feel more appreciated and gain confidence.Read more