“99” Problems in the streets

There is "99" problems in the community, and I would do anything to Stop the Violence. First, we need to come together as a community and spread joy to all people and do something about it before our children and our children's children become like the hoodrats that are on the streets today.                                    - Xavier C. Read more


The big thing that I would like to make no more of is weed I think I need to change this because I feel like weed is not something for kids and older people I think it's for people who are sick like if they had cancer. The way I will stop it is ask the people giving weed to stop if they don't i'll call 911.                                                    …Read more

Bad Things that Happen in Our Community that I Would Like to Change ..

Something that stands out to me that is really bad in our community is '' shoot outs'' shoot outs stand out the most because where I live it never stops, killing people that didn't even do nothing to deserve it. This is a major problem that needs to be solved, shootings are all over the news but, me and my Stay True members are trying our best to put a stop to it, even people like you can put a stop to it, but there is a couple of ways that we can…Read more

The Time Kamile Showed Commitment

A time when I showed commitment for something that I was trying to achieve was when I sold crispy cream donuts at my school for a trip. We sold a lot of donuts.  My commitment was to sell as many donuts as possible without eating them, and I did. We made 5,000 dollars by selling the crispy cream donuts,then we went to Clementon Park and had fun we only had to pay 15 dollars because the money we raised covered the rest of it, and we had to bring our own money for food.…Read more

A Daily Life

In my community were I live, it's not a perfect community that only exist in a television show. However it is a pretty decent community were almost everyone get along with each other. Even thought I moved into that community I noticed one flaw the community has. The majority of the people in my community don't go outside. Almost every one stays inside, making the community look like a ghost town. However this problem can be easily fixed. If there were to have a block party or two people would come outside and have…Read more

Changing My Community

One problem in my community that I would change or make better is the people. the people in my community are very mean. They scream at us when we make noise and when we play football and stuff. The way I will change them is by showing them that we are not all bad and do things that they need help with like trash or mowing lawns or walking their dog and just doing good things for them so they can get along with us. That is one thing I will change in…Read more

Never Before Experienced

I have been in this amazing program for only two full days now and already this program has opened me to new experiences. There are so many wonderful things that we are exposed to here at Stay True. On our very first day we had the opportunity to go to a soup kitchen and feed the homeless. Although some people reject that idea because they think poorly about people in those situations, I was very excited to start. I walked around and talked with some very nice people and even played a game…Read more