I did not meet my goal for my expectations. I thought I could but I did not. I got on everyone's nerve  and I was bad. I also made a bad impression on myself and my mom too. it made me look like I have no home training. I got a little advice from Jonathan and he said that I should apologize for what I have did. So GWEN and PHIL I am very sorry for the way I have acted on this trip I know that you both  would have expected more…Read more

What a let down

Ten minutes until we arrived at the camp site I realized I was all wrong. I misinterpreted the whole camping trip. To help explain, I'll start from the beginning. Building the tent was less fun when you have to hurry up before it gets soaked by the rain. Most of our first day was spent in our tents due to rain. Eventually we had to make lunch which was pb&j sandwiches. However, since everyone was hungry and it was still pouring out we just made pj&j or Nutella sandwiches in the van. After a…Read more

My experience stay true camping

My experience at the camping trip was really fun. We had some bumps on the road, but I think that I had a great time. We had stories and the best food ever and we saw shooting stars and we pranked a lot of people who were sleeping and I even got pranked myself. The rule was if you sleep early you get the worst pranks. Also we went on the longest hikes ever. The total number miles we did were 7.2 miles. We also went to a lake and I also played…Read more

The Perfect Poconos

It's been awhile since I've blogged, but that's great because now I have so much to share! The camping trip was really fun and I had the best time ever! I made an awesome new friend and we were tentmates. Setting up our tent was so much fun! We worked together and got it done before it started pouring rain outside. The next day we went on a six hour hike and our first landmark was The Boulder Field. I had my doubts about whether or not I could actually make it across but…Read more

That trip part.2

You know how Phillip did not want to buy white bread? Well, I got him to get white bread. About how I wasn't looking forward to there being spiders, I saw a lot of them. When Jon was showing us how to make a fire there was a spider on the floor, he picked it up by one of the legs, and he licked the bottom of it because he says it tastes like mint. So Tyreese also licked the bottom of it and said it taste like mint. That's disgusting. Everything was…Read more


The camping trip was the best. We went on a long hike and I got to prank people. Luis and I painted Xavier nails and put shaving cream all over him. The best part was the camp fire songs. I love the song "Sweet Home Alabama" and Bryan played it. We had a fire making competition and my team won. We were the only people to get a fire going. We played a game called Murder Mystery, it was fun, but I was never a killer. We had to kill the killer so…Read more

Camping trip super fun

The camping trip was really fun we did get to do pranks and they were funny because Tyrese's face was so priceless and Xavier didn't even care he just laughed. They were the first ones to get pranked on the camping trip later that night we were all at the camp fire sitting down having fun talking then it was time to go to our tents and Tyrese or Xavier left our tent door open and there was a frog in our tent. It was so funny. Tyrese was so scared because he…Read more

Camping Trip….

My expectations were exceeded because I thought the hike would be terrible, like I would hate it but, I didn't. It was pretty cool and we didn't walk up hills we saw lots of creatures it was pretty cool.   My experience on the camping trip was good and okay because I had lots of fun, I really liked when we sat by the camp fire. What was really fun was when we played a game I forgot what it was called but it was really fun. The only thing that wasn't fun was…Read more