My first week at stay true

This is my first week at Stay True and I can truly say I have never worked with another  community program quite the same  as Stay True. On the first day we were introduced to each other and the dogs that are here as well , after  introductions  we left for the pspca to work with the animals that were there. After leaving there we went bowling alley to hang out with current and former members.   On Tuesday we went to Philly Photo Studio where we had a chance to work with…Read more


Day 1: Our first day of Stay True started Monday. We all arrived and did Q & A's to meet each other and to start a friendship with kids we never met or kids we seen but never talked to.We went to the PSPCA and on the ride there we got to talk about ourselves and when we were done we named ourselves Ghostbusters and our van White Shadow.When we got to the PSPCA we all went to someone who will take us on a tour to see and learn about the animals…Read more

Stay True 2017

                                                                                 Stay   True   2017! My favorite things I did in the Stay True program was help the animals and feed the homeless. What I loved about the animal is that there were two cats that were sisters and they loved to play. I liked to feed the homeless because it was a…Read more

Feeling welcome

Monday we got to meet everyone and went to the PSPCA. When we were there we made lots and different things for the cats and dogs. We also got to feed the goats. I personally love it here and I only been here for a short amount of time. The instructors make you feel very welcome and comfortable. I also love the dogs here and you get to do lots of fun things. My favorite thing we have done so far was when we got to take photographs with cameras. Read more

My First Week

    My first week in Stay True has been a completely new experience for me. For the first time this summer, I've had an eventful week. On Monday, we went to the SPCA and made things such as litter boxes, catnip, and chew toys. After that, we had a relaxing afternoon by going bowling. On Tuesday, we went to Philly Photo Studio. We were taught to look at photos in a whole different perspective. Me and the program went to the park and took awesome pictures of everything we saw. On Wednesday,…Read more

So far at Stay True

The activities  I liked the most so far at Stay True were the bowling trip and cleaning the cars. I liked the bowling trip because it was fun and the place we went to was nice. I liked cleaning the cars because it was funny and everyone got wet. I expect for Stay True to help me help the community in ways like cleaning the community, picking up litter, helping homeless people and a lot more. And I also want to learn a lot.Read more

My Expectations for Stay True

     In Stay True, I expect to do many great things for my community. I get an amazing feeling every time I help out someone in anyway. From this program, I expect to gain a sense of responsibility. Not only does Stay True inspire others to help out in their communities, it inspires anyone who participates in the program to do more with their life. In the end, the little acts of kindness matter. By helping others you can make the world a better place. You grow throughout the program by becoming…Read more


The thing I most liked on the first week of Stay True was when I was on top of the van. I was on top of the van because we were cleaning the car and we just started putting water on each other. Some of us were running around, but we were all having fun and working with each other people running to get water. This girl Nana was even washing her hair. Everyone had water on them. Also, I liked making new friends and laughing with them. The instructors are very nice…Read more