An Overview of Social Justice Work Shop

At Stay True we learned about White Privilege, White Superiority, Internalized Racial inferiority/superiority from Noah. Noah came to Stay True at 12:30 and stayed until 4:00 during that time he was here he wanted us to gather in a circle and he was talking about White Privilege, White Superiority, and Internalized racial inferiority/superiority. Noah also had us do a game where he told us to pass an imaginary yellow ball then he kept adding different color balls. Then we got into groups of three first it was me, Bryan, and Faith then it…Read more

I Believe

What I really liked about yesterday's lesson with Noah was the section with white privilege, and how white people have a lot of privileges to a lot of things. When I started to think of the privileges that the white people have, I hadn't notice how other people had very little. For example, Trump is trying to put a wall up in Mexico to not let the Mexicans come to the United States. I don't see Tump doing that to other countries. Why? Because they aren't born in the United States, or because…Read more

Social Justice!!

At Stay True,  Noah came into the office at 12:30-4:00 and talked about racism. Noah split us into groups based on how different we were from eachother. The first group I was in was with Ny'kyah and Chris, the second group I was in was with Sonia and Jahdai, and in the third group I was with Nashaliz and Jahdai. In the first group we talked about white privileged, the second group we talked about the dominant culture, and in the last group we talked about internalized racial inferiority/superiority. At the end of…Read more


      Yesterday at Stay True we had a workshop on social justice issues. The experience was very eye opening and made me realize just how serious these topics are. What I found to be the most interesting from the workshop was the conversations. It was fascinating to see what others thought about the topics that were talked about like  white privilege and white cultural dominance. It's cool to hear about other's opinions on things even if you don't completely agree with them. This workshop has changed the way I think about…Read more

Social justice workshop

Moving forward from this workshop the lessons I think I'll take with me are remembering that anyone can be anything they want no matter what, because they have the right to. Also, I want to remember that no one is better than another because of their skin color. Your skin color has nothing to do with you. Also, no one's life if better than someone else's because of their living standards. There also shouldn't be any white privileges. White privileges are what white people can do and others can't. No one should change…Read more

Social Justice

I don't think anything really changed about how I think. I've been working in the community for so long, I've seen lots of white privilege. One thing I've learned is that when it comes to privilege people not only have white skin color but are raised white as well. But personally I think that skin color doesn't matter, neither does where or how you're raised. We are all people and having different qualities is what us what makes us human.Read more

Something Different

The most provoking thought I had of the workshop was something new because I never talk about white privilege and white cultural dominance. I was really nervous talking about that stuff with people that I really don't know but I told them stuff that I really don't tell people. So, I think that workshop change me a little bit. Now I know what white privilege means "the wrong idea that only  white people are better suited for money , tax , jobs , education, rights, safety , laws and living. White cultural dominance…Read more

Empowerment !!

Yesterday, we learned about White Privilege. One of the lessons I think I will take with me is to not see somebody as society says to see them. Rather, I will see them how they really are and will not look at them differently for how much money they have or the clothes that they wear. One thing that I found interesting is if you really put your mind to thinking about how people treat each other or how our world really is you'll find some things out that you didn't even know.Read more

Equal Rights!!

The thing I found to be the most thought provoking or interesting is white privilege. I thought is was interesting because if a white guy was being pulled over because he didn't stop at a red light he may have gotten away with a warning. But, if an  African-American was pulled over because he had not stopped at the red light, the policemen may ask for his registration and license and ask him to get out of the car. Then if he reached for his license in his pocket the policeme may think he is pulling a…Read more

Eye Opening Experience

I think the most thought provoking thing about this workshop was how Noah interacted with us and how he made this whole experience worth while. Also, how he put us in a big circle and we went around said our names and things that make up who we are on the outside. He then put us in smaller groups that the people were completely different from each other. What changed my point of view? What changed my point of view was how he made this experience fun yet very informative. This workshop made…Read more
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