The Lit Camping Trip ⛺️

The camping trip was lit, because I bought shaving cream and put it all over everybody. Alex and Keith came from Yay Clay, I was waiting for them to drive up and while they were in there car I put shaving cream all over their faces. Everyone except Bryan got shaving cream on them Bryan said he didn't want anything on him so I didn't put any on him. Respect.  Later, We went to the lake I found 3 salamanders 1 baby one and 2 adults.  One of the adults salamanders died and all…Read more

The Hike

It was our 2nd day of the camping and we had to get ready for the hike. We had to get our water bottles, backpacks, and the adults had to carry the backpacking packs. We drove to start of the hike (Point A) and we had to walk to our campsite (Point B). We had a little complication with the food supply. The problem was that there wasn't enough food, we didn't let that bother us, so we just continued with the hike. The first thing we had to conquer was the boulder…Read more


                During the camping trip I experienced new things. I learned how to set a tent up. I found out that hiking the 9 mile hike was difficult but both fun and challenging for me. What I also loved about camping is that we hung out around the fire in the dark. I learned new things about the Stay True 2017 group. Also I met and learned more about new people. When I took showers over there I took the one that the top could come…Read more

Second Year Experience

This is my second year at Stay True with my new role as a Student Leader. This year as been filled with many new and interesting experiences. Being in charge responsibility I take very seriously, however it is also something I do not take on often. Being a team leader this year had its benefits, I must admit, however there were some bumps in the road. Luckily it did not shake my confidence and I was able to adapt to my new position. As a team leader it is my job to ensure…Read more

S’mores, Lake, and Fun 🏊🏼‍♀️

So, last week we went camping and honestly it was the best experience I had. I had to learn to survive without my phone and learn things manually, SO HARD . Also, I learned how to pitch a tent that I have never pitched before. I also learned how to make a perfect s'more, it was all burnt and then the chocolate was melted with the marshmallows. Most importantly I survived the 9 mile hike that took place on the Boulder Feild and lord I was just about to die of exhaustion.  Those…Read more

Bring a Flashlight

 I actually had fun going camping for the first time. I was kind of upset because my phone was taken away, but I am more of a phone person anyway and not really an outside person. We got to be on our phones on the way there and on the way back. I learned how to start a fire for the first time and it was fun. To start a fire, first you shave off some bark, then put that in a pile. You start building a tee-pee then light the pile of shaving…Read more

Being in the woods isn’t all bad!

The best experience I had at the camping trip was building a tent with the girls because we all got closer and we all worked together. I also learned how to be reasonable, because all the 2017 Stay True students had one job to do each day. As a cook, I cooked tunafish  for the first time. I also enjoyed building a fire.  I enjoyed it because I never built one. On the last day I went orienteering with my friends and it was so fun because we were in the woods using a map  and…Read more

The Life Of a Fire

          Coming back from a 9 mile hike me and 3 others (Christina) (Faith) (Chelsea) had to build a fire. Not just any fire, but The Fire. The fire that we were going to have to cook on. The fire that was going to keep the bugs away. The fire that was going to keep us warm, but mostly the fire that would be respected. Phillip, our fire building instructor made us use the teepee method. It's when you use the smaller sticks to form a sort of teepee shape…Read more

My Personal Camping Experience

       Last week's camping trip was interesting in many ways. The car ride was pretty fun. I'm 99.9% sure that I lost some of my hearing that day because Christina was screami- I mean singing. Once we all got to the campsite, I helped to set up a tent. It took me and the girls awhile to put it up, but eventually we did!! At dinner, we had burgers that were absolutely delicious!! I was starving so I ate mine quickly! The second day was exhausting! We hiked for 9 miles!!…Read more
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