STAY TRUE has brought inner-city students across Philadelphia together with the express objective of helping others. There is truly no greater gift in the world than inspiring others to give.The donations given in support of STAY TRUE go directly towards giving students the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to commit to a life of public service.By donating now to STAY TRUE you are beginning the cycle of generosity, humanity, and commitment that these students will carry throughout their lives.



Fuel One Day of Our Program
Fuel our van and provide snacks for the students for one day and sponsor one full day of our program!

New Experience
This sponsorship will give our students the opportunity to go on educational/cultural field trips within Philadelphia and our big outing, a multi-day backpacking trip where they will learn leadership and teamwork

Student Service Scholarship
The service scholarship will give a student the amazing gift of an academic scholarship that rewards his/her efforts and supports their desire to continue to learn and grow
$50 (One-Time Payment)donate
$125 (One-Time Payment)


$300 (One-Time Payment)donate

Service Project
The Service Project offers these students the resources to put their skills and knowledge to the test when they independently develop a service project that addresses the needs in their community.Each subscription is automatically debited from your account through PayPal. The subscription is not a contract and you can discontinue payments at any time.

Make a One-Time Donation
Your contributions keep our program alive and we appreciate it. If you prefer to send a one time donation instead of subscribing to our monthly program, you can send a check or PayPal payment using one of the following:

Send checks to:
2228 E. Venango
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Special Thanks to the Goldberg Foundation

Donations are made from The Goldberg Foundation in loving memory of Rosalie Burns Goldberg.


$xx (Per Month)

Make a one-time donation through PayPal: donate

Rosalie was a supporter of many artistic and cultural endeavors throughout the Philadelphia region.  An inspiring woman, and philanthropist she supported youth involvement in the arts and educational programs.  Donations given to
Stay True, through the Goldberg Foundation, are made with the intent of continuing Rosalie’s efforts.