During the camping trip I experienced new things. I learned how to set a tent up. I found out that hiking the 9 mile hike was difficult but both fun and challenging for me. What I also loved about camping is that we hung out around the fire in the dark. I learned new things about the Stay True 2017 group. Also I met and learned more about new people. When I took showers over there I took the one that the top could come off and the water was warm so it felt good. I also was a cook on the third day and I cooked pancakes in the morning and cut up the watermelon and people kept on saying it smelled and taste like onions. The other cooks and I learned to make foil packets which contained: potatoes, minted garlic, hot dogs, onions, cheese, hot sauce, and broccoli. Which was fun to make and good to eat. Then the last day we packed up everything and went to the lake. I ate some fries and a slice of pizza and drank my favorite soda drink, which is ginger ale canada dry. After that I learned how to serve the ball in volley ball. It was lots of fun.