At Stay True,  Noah came into the office at 12:30-4:00 and talked about racism. Noah split us into groups based on how different we were from eachother. The first group I was in was with Ny’kyah and Chris, the second group I was in was with Sonia and Jahdai, and in the third group I was with Nashaliz and Jahdai. In the first group we talked about white privileged, the second group we talked about the dominant culture, and in the last group we talked about internalized racial inferiority/superiority. At the end of it he told us about 2nd graders that had to draw pictures based on them, a group of girls chose pink and a white young male yelled out why are you using pink that’s not your skin color. He asked us to describe this experience in one word, I said helpful. I would love to do the Social Justice Work Shop again. 

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