I did not meet my goal for my expectations. I thought I could but I did not. I got on everyone’s nerve  and I was bad. I also made a bad impression on myself and my mom too. it made me look like I have no home training. I got a little advice from Jonathan and he said that I should apologize for what I have did. So GWEN and PHIL I am very sorry for the way I have acted on this trip I know that you both  would have expected more from  me. And I was not expecting for what came out my mouth on the trip and I’m so sorry that I behaved that way that I did and you will not see that side of me ever again as well as my attitude. I  have to  get myself situated because that was not cute for me to do and I really am sorry for my attitude on the trip. Although I’m am working on it. I have to say to myself  you are not going to be with the best of people all the times  so while you are not, make a good impression on you self and good opportunities will come. People will do nice things for you as a result. You will live a better life  without having to worry about problems when you wake up in the morning OR having to worry about who don’t like you and who don’t believe. So I  am very deeply in my heart is sorry for the way I  have acted towards Phil and Gwen on this camping trip. I  am sorry for messing up the camping trip and not making it a fun for everyone to enjoy. I hope  you both find some way to forgive the other side of Kamile. I thought about everything that happened when I went home and I felt bad. So I owe this apology to both of you.  I did not over come no fear but I  got even more scared of bugs and other creatures than I was before. I had fun when we were playing guess the person. I also had fun when we were at the camp fire every night. I enjoyed the food that I never ate be for in my life. It is good to try to new things regardless no matter if it is food related or not and I have learned my lesson.

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