The camping trip was lit, because I bought shaving cream and put it all over everybody. Alex and Keith came from Yay Clay, I was waiting for them to drive up and while they were in there car I put shaving cream all over their faces. Everyone except Bryan got shaving cream on them Bryan said he didn’t want anything on him so I didn’t put any on him. Respect. 

Later, We went to the lake I found 3 salamanders 1 baby one and 2 adults.  One of the adults salamanders died and all the guts came out. Also at the lake I witnessed Crystal jokingly drown Jacob, he got mad and started fake swinging at Chris

It was fun getting to know everyone and building bonds with new people and bigger bonds with people I already knew. I grew closer to people on the hike because they were tired and I was a motivator so I had to motivate people to do well and keep going