Ten minutes until we arrived at the camp site I realized I was all wrong. I misinterpreted the whole camping trip. To help explain, I’ll start from the beginning. Building the tent was less fun when you have to hurry up before it gets soaked by the rain. Most of our first day was spent in our tents due to rain. Eventually we had to make lunch which was pb&j sandwiches. However, since everyone was hungry and it was still pouring out we just made pj&j or Nutella sandwiches in the van. After a while the rain stopped and we started to make dinner, which was hot dogs. I’m not a fan of hot dogs but I ate one so I wouldn’t be to hungry in the morning. While sleeping in the tent with the other four girls in Stay True, we noticed the rain was leaking through to top and the bottom . The next day was the long nine mile hike. Since I have a really bad perception of time the hike only felt like one and a half hours, but it was really five hours. I would say that the hike was fun but every few minutes the people in the front, including me had to stop and wait for everyone else to catch up. When we came back from the hike we started making our dinner which was the over hyped foil packets. I will admit that I was looking forward to the foil packets, but it was a major let down. All it was a bunch of cut up foods like potatoes, beans, cheese, onions, leftover hot dogs, ect. It was alright but it certainly wasn’t something to brag about. After dinner we all went to the amphitheater, which was a huge meadow with long rows of seats. At the amphitheater you can sit back a gaze at the stars. One of the former students, and the camera man Aaron asked for eight  students to spell out STAY TRUE with flashlights. It took a while but we did it. Soon half of the group left to go back to the camp site to make s’mores. It was fun to roast marshmallows over the fire. On the the third day we all went to the lake while everyone was swimming I stayed to help Gwen make the burritos for everyone. however when I was cutting the avocados for the guacamole I cut myself with a new sharp knife. It didn’t hurt I just had to put a bandage on, wash my hands and clean the knife and I could finish helping Gwen cook the food. It was really good. Me and a former student Cathy, volunteered  to was the dishes. Cathy had a great idea to wash the dishes in the family bathroom. However the sink was so small we were going to use a large bowl of soapy water to wash the dishes. But then Cathy found a shower so I cleaned them and she rinsed them off. When we came back after everyone ate their pizza bagels we played two rounds of Murder Mystery. The following day was spent packing and cleaning. Then we all went home and that was Stay True’s 2016 camping trip. 

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